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As usual, we participated in exhibition of Bauma CTT in Moscow from 5th _8th June, 2018.

RAY ATTACHMENTS mainly showed both hydraulic earth auger and multi-coupler system device. They were mostly welcomed by the visitors who came from Europe mostly. We sold out all samples just in the second day.

RAY Attachments’ multi-coupler quick hitch permanently mounts to the excavator while the lower half hooks and wedges onto the pins of the attachments, making the attachment ready for use in a matter of seconds with no wasteful downtime spent hammering out pins or realigning new attachments. It has full independent safety system which maximum operator safety and compliant with all current and proposed regulation. The robust design gives it strength and makes it easy for the earth moving operator to quickly hitch and unhitch attachments.

In order to meet the demands of market, we have other two types of hydraulic excavator quick hitch, Mechanical type and Hydraulic type. The following pictures show the three types of quick hitches with three different colors and different ranges which can fit to various brands and models of hydraulic excavator.

RAY Attachments’ earth auger which highly efficient and effortless drill the holes with soil land. We have full series of models from REA2000 to REA50000 which can fit to various brands and models of carriers from Mini to 50tons. As the global developing of construction machinery. The larger size models such as REA20000-REA50000 had more demands during the showing. 

 excavator quick coupler

Although it was the second session for CTT-2018 held by Bauma Germany. much changes happened in this exhibition. Instead of construction machinery photos in the big poster at the main gate, it was a big sign “B”, which was initial letter of Bauma. The simple designation made it much easier to be remembered by visitors. In same way, we also special showed our brand name of RAY Attachments, we wish our clients to remember us easily while they want to complete drilling holes and other demolition projects.


Another important thing is to make the exhibition successful because of the great event FIFA World Cup 2018. Which was held in Moscow from 14th to 25th , June. The bright and goldentop churches make the Moscow much more attractive, It is possible to attract much more visitors from the world to Moscow to visit the Bauma CTT-2018.

Welcome to visit us again in the next year. RAY Attachments would always be there, we are looking forward to see you in next year at Bauma CTT-2019 in Moscow.

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