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RAY ATTACHMENTS Visited at BAUMA Munich 2019

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Final Report From Bauma Press:

RAY Attachments Visited Bauma Munich in 8th-14th, April 2019.

More than 620,000 visitors from 200 countries

Around 3,700 exhibitors from 63 countries

RAY attachments visited Bauma Munich in 8th-14th, April 2019. Without doubt as the innovation platform and economic engine Bauma Munich got the highest good reputation over all times. As the below data which from Bauma Official Website we will know clearly why. 


With more than 620,000 visitors from over 200 countries, bauma 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment, generated the best results in the exhibition’s 65-year history. The number of visitors rose by about 40,000 over the total produced during the previous event in 2016. More than 250,000 visitors came from countries outside Germany. The top 10 visitor countries after Germany were: Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland and Great Britain. The trade fair also experienced a strong increase in attendance from overseas visitors. Significant gains in this group were produced by China, Australia and Japan. More than 5,500 visitors came from China alone. The number of exhibitors totaled about 3,700 from 63 countries – likewise a record. With its unprecedented 614,000 square meters of space, the largest bauma ever held was once again a bauma filled with records.


With exhibitors from more than 60 countries and visitors from over 200 nations, We knew that Bauma Munich got the most success of all times. RAY Attachments also saw kinds of excavator attachments showing in the booths. They were hydraulic rotating tilt quick hitches, hydraulic grabs, drum cutters, earth augers, hydraulic hammers and so on. They got the visitors favor. Construction machinery attachments are not only the European’s favorite they also will become the global’s favorite.

The Bauma Munich as the industry showing platform highlighted the opportunity and tremendous outlook of industry during 8th to 14th, April 2019. Which also illuminated RAY Attachments future.

We are more firmly where we should go and how we should do better. RAY Attachments is continuously developing the excavators attachments these years in order to meet the global market requirements.


We are producing two more new products this year.Hydraulic crush grab and vibro hammer. And we are expanding kinds of other attachments to become one comprehensive solution company in the field of construction machinery.

RAY Attachments never stop researching and developing.

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