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RAY Attachments get visitors welcomed in BAUMA CTT RUSSIA 2019

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It has been five years since 2015 we attended in Bauma CTT Russia Exhibition. RAY Attachments’ earth auger, quick couplers, hydraulic breakers, vibro rippers and other construction machinery  get a good feedback in Exhibition. RAY Attachments from a small baby to a strong man we have rich experience in the field of construction machinery.

Our samples of hydraulic earth augers get customers welcomed in the exhibition Bauma CTT Moscow 2019 as usual. The samples are ordered by local people in a short time and our old customers said that RAY Attachments hydraulic earth drive and drills had good performance when it was operated. We bought the model of REA8000 last year in June in Bauma CTT Russia 2018. It is still working well till now. Quality is perfect what is more the price is reasonable and they are happy with that. They said they wuold buy more in the near future.

We enjoy to supply more other cost-effective products. Such as hydraulic breakers, pile breakers, multi-quick couplers and hydraulic compactor so on. 

Our mission is let your engineering easier and faster. RAY Attachments supply you integrated and professional solution. 

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