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RAY Attachments in the Southeast Countries with the Belt and Road

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As The belt and road plan proceeding, it gives us more chances to develop our business and it comes true the prosperity and development between China and the other coastal states especial southeast countries. We are proud of being Chinese and we believe we have a great country. In the meanwhile, Our company RAY ATTACHMENTS will gain everybody's love. Because we are project solution expert.

We, RAY Attachments, do a lot with the belt and road. We visited Southeast countries in April, 2017. They were Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia. We saw many projects in the local market. Such as the project of the pan borneo highway in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia.






The numbers of buildings projects in Philippine. The new rail way building in Indonesia and so on.

RAY Attachments can pay a crucial part in these country under the B&R. Because we have many earthmoving attachments to help the project complete easily and high-efficient.

RAY hydraulic earth auger is a kind of digging hole machine. Instead of  labor force hydraulic earth auger save the working time and improve the working efficiency. It's good helper to plant trees, stand poles, drill the solar system and the other digging holes projects .

hydraulic earth auger

RAY  hydraulic quick hitch and multi-quick coupler. Which makes it easy for the earthmoving operator to quickly hitch and unhitch attachments. Shorten time to change other attachments. Such as change buckets to hydraulic hammer, change to earth drill, vibro ripper and so on. It helps operators quickly change kinds of attachments to complete the heavy task in the project.

quick hitch

RAY hydraulic breakers. Which is useful to crush a rock mountain, cement and asphalts and dismantle buildings. Anyway it is widely used in the variours heavy works.

hydraulic breaker

We also have other products like as vibro rippers, pile breakers and hydraulic shears and crushers.

RAY ATTACHMENTS are all over the where. We will come out whenever you need us.

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