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RAY Launches New Compactor Plate for 12- to 24-Ton Excavators

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1 New compactor plate
2 Introduction of new compacting plate
3 New compacted plate advantages

New compactor plate

RAY has recently launched a new compactor plate, designed to be used in conjunction with a tiltrotator on excavators in the 12- to 24-ton size range.          The combination of a compactor plate and an excavator is becoming increasingly popular for soil compaction, as it reduces the need for additional machinery or hand-operated tools, resulting in greater safety and efficiency.          Additionally, the tiltrotator feature provides greater flexibility, as the compactor plate can be rotated and angled to follow the contours of the ground.

hydraulic compactor

Introduction of new compacting plate

The new compactor plate is equipped with Engcon's EC-Oil automatic quick coupler system as standard, which enables operators to connect the compactor plate and other attachments and their hydraulics without leaving the cab.          This system also eliminates the need for leakage oil lines, which reduces the number of hoses that can wear out or break.          As a result, operators can save time and money and increase safety by not having to manually connect tricky and dirty connections.

New compacted plate advantages

According to Alice Xu, the designer and project manager for the new compactor plate, the compactor plate's low-flow requirement means that it can be driven via the tiltrotator's extra hydraulics.          This, in combination with the tiltrotator, provides greater access and makes it easier to perform a wider range of tasks.          The compactor plate's production run is planned for Fall 2022.


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