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Raymond new arrival: Vibration Ripper !

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Good news! Raymond company has produced a new product: vibration ripper, which has multi-function of ripper and hydraulic breaker. Today we will introduce this new product for you in detail.

1. What are the main parts of vibration ripper?

The common ripper is made of frame, blade and teeth. By contrast, vibration ripper has motor and eccentricity mechanism. With these two parts, vibration ripper has a very fast vibration frequency, which can reach 6500 rpm.

2. What is application of vibration ripper?

Vibration ripper can be used in areas of:

Ground Penetration

Pipeline Work



Digging Soil

More Dual Function than ordinary ripper

Break up frozen ground, hard soil, rock, ice, asphalt or pavement

And so on.

3. Features and Advantages

The hydraulic motor makes the axis of rotation high-speed revolution with 6500rpm. Which comes out shock force to work on the rock.

The Vibration Motor on the Ripper upgrades a very effective tool. Able to break 100mm of concrete within a few minutes, it greatly improves the ground penetrating power of the ripper.

Wide range of applications. It covers the ground penetrating power of the ripper. It widely used for trenching, pipeline work, irrigation, ground penetration etc.

The Vibration Ripper not only puts less strain on the Excavators hydraulics, but is also very accurate. It only breaks the ground needed, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the operator by making ground penetration faster and easier.

High cost performance. Vibrating ripper not only work for clay but also rock. And the price is reasonable. Also it will protect the area outside the scope of work while it is breaking the ground.

4. How to install the vibration ripper?

Vibration ripper is installed with excavator. You must insure that your excavator has hoses of hydraulic breaker.

5. Quality assurance

12 months warranty for motor;

3 months warranty for off welding and breaking of blade

6. What excavator can fit the vibration ripper?

We suggest that customers use this product on 12tons to 32tons excavator. The smaller excavator can choose the common ripper.

Through the above introduction, do you have a certain understanding of our new products? If you are interested in vibration ripper, you can contact with our salesmen. Vibration ripper has high price performance ratio. And we have a big promotion of this new product. You can contact with us to know more information of the promotion. Thanks for your support! 


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