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The Culture of RAY Attachments

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Running is a good sport which is popular exercise to take. RAY Attachments members like running as well. It becomes one of most important culture in our company. RAY Attachments aims to survive for 101 years old. Which will be through three generations to realize the truth. It is a long time dream. As one of export manger Lina said we should have perfect body to fight for working. And we should have firm faith to insist in our dream and continue to walk along whether any barriers and difficulties we meet on the road.

So keep on moving and never give up. Why RAY Attachments choose the running for Marathon. Because operating a company like as running for Marathon we dont win at the beginning but we will win during the process we insist in the long time . What is our RAYMOND members value making your engineering easier and faster.

Lina Xu, our export manager, represented RAY Attachments and brought our dream to run around in Europe 6 countries within 20days.


We are going to keep running. Just as our RAY Attachments expect to make service for our customers one hundred and one year. 

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