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The advantages of hydraulic compactor

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Design Advantages:

FVC series hydraulic compactor is a hydraulic product designed by Yantai Eddy independent research and design, compared with other products in the same industry market has the following characteristics:

1. Use three-dimensional software to optimize the design makes the product structure compact and appearance beautiful. The product cooperate part design reasonable, make full use of our company advanced processing equipment.

2. High quality steel, high strength welding performance, small deformation and strong wear resistance.

3. The system uses relief valve, flow valve composed of a valve to regulate the pressure and flow, in order to adjust the vibration plate’s vibration frequency and consolidate efforts

4. All seals are imported(nok), oil-resistant high temperature, make sure the seal does not deform over time. Most products on the market using domestic ordinary rubber seals, poor wear and corrosion resistance, lead to poor sealing effect, oil spill serious,short service life.

Processing Advantages:

1. Our company has the country’s most advanced hydraulic equipment production line, high precision processing equipment, to ensure the quality of machined products.

2. All connecting components (such as pin shaft, bushing and so on) are made of high quality steel, after deep conditioning, high specification quenching process, the resulting product has a small deformation, strong wear resistance, fatigue and other structural advantages.

3. High strength welding technology: Our company is in the hydraulic welding technology, achieve all products from the beginning of the plate selection to the final welding of finished products every process has strict standards and norms. It ensures that the hydraulic compactor produced by our company is far superior to other domestic products in terms of the overall aesthetic appearance or the service life of the product.

Performance Advantages:

1. The excitation force is large, equivalent to 1.2 times of similar products.

2. The use of high quality of hydraulic motor device, realize the real low noise, high compaction, long life and other characters.

3. Can be completed plane compaction, cant compaction, stairs compaction, trench groove compaction and other complex foundation of compaction. Can be used directly for piling, after installing the fixture can be used to pull the pile, broken and so on.

4. It can be used with vibratory roller, the effect is more than ten times to several times that of vibrating plate compaction.

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