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The difference between hydraulic quick coupler and multi quick coupler

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Have you using the quick coupler for your projects before?

Ray Attachments quick coupler is used in hydraulic excavators to allow the rapid change of buckets and other attachments at ease. You just using only one Quick Hitch to connect the excavator with all attachments which you want!

You may need a quick coupler when you encounter these conditions as below:

1. Changing an attachment can be very time-consuming;

2. There may need to be a number of such changes in a typical working day;

3. The pivot pins can become rusty and difficult to remove (hammer out);

4. Some of the larger pivot pins can be very heavy and difficult to handle manually.

Actually, we provide two types for quick coupler: Common quick coupler and Double locked quick coupler.

These pictures are for common quick coupler: 

hydraulic quick coupler

The kind of quick coupler working by using the principle of the hydraulic pressure and artificial control machine, fast change the attachment. After catch the pins of attachments, please remember put in the safe pin to ensure the safety of the operating environment.

Please check the picture as below, it is the Double locked quick coupler, it is very popular in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and etc. 

multi quick coupler

We used dual locking system to improved the product, improve the safety of products, through the dual locking to achieve double protection, more safe and reliable to operate.

Why many customers choose this type coupler?

1.Absolute Security: With the RAY Multi-dual Lock Coupler you can be assured by working with the safest hitch in the world.

2.Full Automatic: The operator just hitch the attachments in cab safely.

3.Dual locking: Increased safety and reassurance. The perfect structure and increased safety fully comply with all of the current regulations and standards in the world.

Recently, we updated the package of Quick coupler, packaged many small spare parts in a toolbox to avoid loss during transportation. We want to do best for our customers. 

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