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The first snow in Changzhou in 2018

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Today is Jan 4 in 2018, Thursday. It’s a very common day, if snow doesn’t come. But the snow comes, and a little heavy. It makes everyone, everything different.

 earth auger.jpg

What you see in the picture? A little kid, a special snowman, and our RAY earth auger and RAY hydraulic breaker. Yes, you are right. We are Changzhou RAYMOND International trading Co., Ltd, but do the industry and trade integration business. As our factory Changzhou RAYMOND Precision Machinery company was established in 2002 year, which has more than 16 years production experience.

Our earth auger can be used for clay earth, sandy earth, frozen land even decomposed rock. In this snow and ice weather, person dig post hole or manual auger are very difficult to have a good performance. But if you have excavator, skid steer, backhoe or crane, install our auger drive with rock auger. Everything will become easy and smooth.

I think if you have this similar project, you must care the efficiency. How long does a hole need to dig? We can give you a reference, for 500mm diameter, 1.5m depth, its about 2.5mins. If you are interested and need some videos, feel free to contact me. I will show you. My E-mail is alice(@)raysteeltube.com.

Raymond earth auger is a kind of post hole attachments which is mainly used in skid steer loaders, mini loaders, mini excavators, backhoe loaders, telescopic handler, wheel Loader and other machinery.
It is usually applicated in exploration and research, ground source heat pumps, fence, landscaping, tree planting, well boring, foundation piles, screw pile installation, pole and mast installations, road signage, sound barriers and so on.

earth auger.jpg

Except application, how about the quality. This is also important factor. Our warranty is 18 months for auger drive which is the core for a complete earth auger. The heart for auger drive is hydraulic motor which brand is Eaton from USA. This motor has a stable quality. The gearbox is produced by our factory totally as have a good quality control by ourselves. Add the Non dislodgement shaft to make sure the shaft will never fall out.

Maybe you also want to ask which countries we have exported? Our main market is Russia, North America, South east Asia, Oceania and so on. If you are in these country countries or area, don’t have hesitation to contact me. As our auger have a good reputation and easy to do the business.

If you are in other countries, call me or mail me. As we will be the No.1 to open the market through our brand RAY Attachments. Seeing is believing, but I prefer believing will be seeing.

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