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Troubleshooting and maintenance of quick hitch

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1.Fault condition:Safety pin does not worked.(The quick hitch would not disengage)


Cause and maintenance methods

Check the hose which connected to battery if it is cut or disconnected.

Recheck the line “+” and “-”, and reconnect.

Check the connection switch fuse

 Change a fuse.

Check if the connector operating switch is contacted or not

(When disconnected) Cut two lines from the switch and check it out through connecting them.

Open the wire connecting of solenoid valve with a screwdriver, check whether the port is connected properly.

Use a screwdriver to pick up the positive and negative eletrode of the socket,check the connection line ports, recover after assembly. If has been destroyed due to overheating, please buy the same type for replacement.

Turn off the operating switch see if the connector hose is moving from using the bucket lever Repeat after turning on the switch to see that the opposite hose is engaged.

If both hoses move, it means that the cylinder inside the connector is not working.

If only one hose moves, it means that there is a foreign object in the solenoid valve.

Disassemble for cleaning and reassemble. Be careful not to lose the O-Ring.

2.Fault condition:The quick hitch fell during operation or the pin serious bent.


Cause and maintenance methods

Check the position of the switch for the connector.

 The driver may accidently turn the switch “ON”.

Check to see if the switch has short-circuit.

Positive wire between switch and solenoid valve connected with iron pipes, hammers and other contacts, or due to shaking caused by a short circuit. two wires connected with the body becomes negative, if reconnect the disconnected positive wire, the switch can be normal work, pay attention to this, in addition, we should also check cab switch, if it is wrong then put the positive and negative with a change.

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