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Walking For a bag of Milk-RAYMOND Activity

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We, from RAY Attchments represent RAYMOND Company participated in public service activity named "Walk For a bag of Milk" in order to donate money to help poor persons on Saturday 13th,May.


"Walk For A bag of Milk" is one of most famous public service activities in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. It raises money to buy milk for poor children of migrant workers on foot. The event rules are as follows: Each participant is challenged to walk the journey of 15km, 20km or 35km. If we overcome the challenge, The Charity of Changzhou will supply milk freely to poor children for one year.


There are 17,000 participants, more than 3.000 volunteers, police and healthy care workers to join this activity. What’s more it raises about RMB850,000 in this socially useful activity.


We have 14 RAYMOND Members challenged the 15km project from Wuyue Square to China Dinosaur Park. We walked after the flag of Raymond through the crowd street and no one was left behind. Although the weather was hot and no wind,we were laughing all the way and kept walking. We were all proud of ourselves because We all completed the 15km walking in 4hours, no one gave up on the way. Even never told I was tired and I can’t go on walking like that.


We enjoyed to walk get together. Because we were a group not alone. We had one common dream. We should make effort to help more other people who need us help.


We enjoyed this trip. It was not only walk on the road. It was a walk on our heart. We loved each other, we love this journey.

After finishing the walking, we enjoyed our delicious lunch while chatting with the funny thing that happening in the walking.

RAYMOND is a great TAEM!

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Take a rest.jpg

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