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What is RAY hydraulic earth auger? And how do they work?

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In the construction industry, it is important to keep up with the latest equipment and technology. Hydraulic construction equipment is a great example, allowing contractors to work more efficiently than ever before.

As a result, more and more contracting companies see the value in adding hydraulic excavation tools to their existing arsenal, but what exactly does that tool require? In this article, we will explain how a hydraulic auger works and how it can be a useful resource.

1. What is a Hydraulic Auger?
2. How does a hydraulic auger work?
3. What the Advantages?
4. What is the application?
5. What the specification of RAY earth auger?
6. How to choose the hydraulic earth auger?
7. What should be paid attention to when using it?

What is a Hydraulic Auger?

A hydraulic auger is a motorized drilling rig that uses fluid pressure to work. Hydraulic augers serve the same purpose as drilling machines, but with much more power and speed.

Some models can spin up to 19 rpm! Hydraulic augers are widely used in construction and excavation applications such as excavation, shafts and road works.

How does a hydraulic auger work?

Hydraulic drill bits work by converting hydraulic pressure into kinetic energy through the drill string. At each end of the hole, the rod is a piston connected to the inner piston rod. They are connected to hydraulic cylinders on the top and winches on the bottom.

The cylinder is filled with fluid that has been pressurized by a pump using a diesel or gasoline engine, LPG engine, electric motor, or any other power source. Hydraulic oil transmits power through the HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) connected to the winch.

What the Advantages?

1).Motor Brand . We use Eaton motor from the USA, and the quality of it is relatively stable. Well, the current motor accuracy rate is up to 99.98%.

2). Gear Box.The gear box is made by ourselves with high precision, low noise, less worn out so have a long service life. And also, we will mark the serial number with every spare parts. When you meet some questions with spare parts in the future, we just need to know the serial number then we courier which you need as soon as possible.

3). Technology.Using shot blasting technology: smooth the surface of the product, It is more beautiful after painting. The most important thing is to remove internal stress and increase strength.

4).OEM Service.Well painting to meet clients’ requirements and enlarge the market quickly. Except normal oem service, we provide customized service. As long as you have any customized requirements, we can carefully record them according to your requirements, and our technical department will check the requirements with you and modify them repeatedly until your satisfactory requirements are met.Eg: To add welding wire, advertising pictures and so on.

5).Our auger drill uses shot blasting craft. This process not only ensures surface finish, but also prevents rust and prolongs life.Using shot blasting technology: smooth the surface of the product.It is more beautiful after painting. The most important thing is to remove internal stress and increase strength.

6).Package.We will carefully check the integrity of the goods before shipment. Each product will go through layers of packaging. Finally, it will be protected by a wooden box outsideThere is good packing to protect machine well when it arrive at customers’ warehouse. Hence, it can lead to less after-sales problems.


7).Supply System.We have excellent supply system.All raw material are from local famous steel mill.From selection, ordering to production. We have a strict management and supervision system for each layer. We are always committed to customer satisfaction.

The less impurity and stable element content can ensure the mechanical property. 

Test the raw material by the third party to ensure element content and mechanical tester, rockwell hardness tester to ensure the properties by ourselves.

What is the application?

Hydraulic augers are suitable for a variety of projects around the house, building, farm, ranch or garden:

Fences – Drilling through fences to create new gates is easy with the help of a hydraulic auger. With this tool, you can quickly and efficiently drill into the ground for fence posts or utility poles.

Foundation: When building a house, you must first lay the foundation. A hydraulic auger is a useful tool for this job as it helps create deep holes that are easy to fill with concrete or building materials.

Drainage – You can also use them to install drainage systems on driveways or sidewalks, gutters around homes and businesses, and custom septic tanks. Another popular use for hydraulic augers is drilling wells.

Gardening: Hydraulic augers can also make holes for trees and other plants in the garden. Not only does it work quickly, but its power helps make gardening a breeze.

Install Power Poles: Hydraulic augers can easily drill holes for power poles or signs that you need to install at heights, such as utility poles or street signs.

What the specification of RAY earth auger?

Auger Drives REA2000 up to REA4500 are the perfect choice for small excavators between 1T and 5T.

Even though these model Auger Drives are the smallest in our line-up they ar over engineered and built to last, giving you the same versatility, peace of mind and product quality you’d expect from all our products. Developed to work with all makes and models of parent machine, and complemented with a range of attachments, you will find an earth auger and attachment for your every need. With the versatility to easily switch between attachments depending on the job at hand, you can be sure that your RAY Earth Auger will deliver, time and again.

Auger Drives REA5000 up to REA8000 are the perfect choice for small excavators between 4.5T-12T.

Auger Drives REA10000 up to REA25000 are the perfect choice for excavators between 10T and 23T.

Auger Drives REA50000 up to REA65000 are the perfect choice for excavators between 20T and 50T.

Model Unit REA2000 REA2500 REA3000 REA3500 REA4500 REA5000 REA5500 REA6000 REA7000 REA8000
Carrier T 1~2.5 1.5~3 2~3.5 2.5~4.5 3~5 4.5~7 5~7 6~8 7~10 8~12
Torque N.m ≤1871 ≤2432 ≤2877 ≤3614 ≤4499 ≤5056 ≤5910 ≤6150 ≤6931 ≤8152
Pressure Bar 205 205 240 240 240 240 240 240 240 240
Oil Flow Range l/min 23~53 30~61 30~61 30~68 38~76 38~76 45~83 45~106 61~121 61~136
Rotary Speed rpm 40~92 40~82 40~81 32~72 32~64 29~58 28~50 34~80 37~72 29~64
Hydraulic Hose Inch  1/2  1/2  1/2  1/2  1/2  1/2  1/2  3/4  3/4  3/4
Output Shaft mm Ф65  Ф65  Ф65  Ф65  Ф65  □75  □75  □75  □75  □75 
Unit Weight Kg 54 54 71 71 71 108 108 110 112 115
Unit  Height mm 595 595 700 700 700 780 780 850 850 850
Unit Max.Dia. mm 200 200 244 244 244 269 269 269 269 269
Auger Series mm S4 S4 S4 S4 S4 S5 S5 S5 S5 S5
Auger Length mm 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Auger dia. Range mm 100~400 100~500 100~600 100~750 100~900 150~600 150~750 150~900 150~900 150~900

Model Unit REA10000 REA12000 REA15000 REA20000 REA25000 REA35000 REA42000 REA50000 REA65000 REA100000
Carrier T 10~13 13~17 13~17 13~20 15~23 20~45 20~45 20~45 20~50 20~50
Torque N.m ≤10778 ≤11976 ≤15046 ≤19560 ≤24949 ≤35265 ≤42318 ≤47389 ≤62197 ≤103509
Pressure Bar 240 240 240 240 240 310 310 320 350 350
Oil Flow Range l/min 70~136 70~150 80~170 80~170 80~170 80~170 80~170 100-280 100-280 100-280
Rotary Speed rpm 26~45 22~48 20~43 16~33 12~26 9~24 9~20 11~30 9~25 5~13
Hydraulic Hose Inch  3/4 1     1     1     1     1     1     1 1/4 1 1/4 1 1/2
Output Shaft mm □75  □75  □75  □75  □75  □110  □110  □110 □110     Hex 150
Unit Weight Kg 167 167 167 270 270 440 440 470 490 1350
Unit  Height mm 930 930 930 1150 1150 1410 1410 1410 1450 2010
Unit Max.Dia. mm 290 290 290 345 345 406 406 406 406 675
Auger Series mm S6 S6 S6 S6 S6 PA PA PA PA PA
Auger Length mm 1750 1750 1750 1750 1750 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300
Auger dia. Range mm 150~900 150~900 150~1200 150~1200 150~1200 300~1500 300~1500 300-1800 300-1800 300-1800

How to choose the hydraulic earth auger?

1、What the model of your excavator?( our auger is for 1-50T excavator)

2、How much diameter and depth you need?(we provide dia:100-1200mm, depth: 1-10m )

3、The type of the soil?Hard or soft?

What should be paid attention to when using it?


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