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What you should pay attention when you use vibro ripper ?

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1. The working characteristic of Vibro Ripper is not to directly crush the target crusher, but the high-frequency impact causes the vibrating loose tooth portion to fall into the mountain and destroy the original structure of the mountain and cause cracks on the entire surface of the rock. As long as the rock vibrates within 50 cm, the pieces will get off from the whole rock in a short time.

hydraulic vibrator ripper excavator

2. When operating Vibro Ripper, first use the arm of the excavator to fully press the Vibro Ripper, so that the teeth of Vibro Ripper is in good contact with the mountain, and then step on the pedal after confirming that the contact has been completed. To operate vibro ripper.

hydraulic vibrate ripper of excavator attachments

3.After completing a mountain stripping, the foot valve should be stopped as much as possible in advance to avoid working empty.

hydraulic vibro rock ripper hammer

4.In the process of operating vibro ripper, please try to keep the external angle (less than 90 °)of the teeth in contact with the ground plane, it is maximize the impact energy of Vibro Ripper.

vibro ripper manufacturer

5.During the use, there will be a situation in which the teeth are embedded in the mountain. At this time, do not manipulate the arm to shake or pull the sway, otherwise the tooth or the root of the tooth may be broken. The correct method is to first stop the foot valve to supply oil. After the high-frequency breaker stops, press the foot valve again. After a short vibration, the excavator arm can be operated to lift the high-frequency breaker.

vibro ripper equipment excavator

6.When encountering hard rock, it should be broken by points. After the mountain structure is fully destroyed, it will be peeled out. Do not aim at a certain point for long-term concentrated crushing. 

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