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As my plane approached Ljubljana port, Slovenia. I marveled at the meeting of the enchanting forests, canyons, full of green, and the blue sky with fresh air. I reveled in the landscape. After that we go to the center of this small Ljubljana city which is the capital of Slovenia. The street was quite on the morning of Sunday. Most of stores were not open yet except the coffee bar and the tour guide said most people were sleeping now. Not only Slovenian but also European are always having happy and joyful holidays. They will enjoy the nature and go on holiday in the seaside, beach. Take part in mountaineering and so on. Almost everyone does not work. That's why most stores are closed on holidays. Which is different from Chinese. However, I saw most of coffee houses and lounge bars started to open after 10:00 AM. And some people sat at the table with friends or relations to have coffee and some of dessert such as donuts, bagel, muffin and so on. Coffee and dessert is popular in Europe like as tea and rice in China. They seems peaceful, enjoyable and lazily.

This afternoon of my first day in Slovenia was spent on land. I meandered along the Ljubljana Street gazing at the historic buildings. Yet behind the facade of this grand boulevard there are myriad back streets filled with wooden homes and cheerful street art. Apparently, there is a lot below the surface in Ljubljana.

At evening we went to Celje where was the city we had the MOS exhibition. Fortunately, although it was the first time to attend exhibition here we got the satisfactory results. On the second day of the MOS exhibition we sold all earth auger samples whose brand is RAY Attachments. RAY Attachments is also a company in China which main products are construction machinery such as Earth AugerHammerVibro BreakerQuick HitchCrusher and Eagle ShearPile Breaker and other equipment with hydraulic systems. They assemble to excavators, loaders, skid steers and other carriers to widely use in kinds of demolition project, architectural engineering, landscape engineering, and energy engineering and etc.

For example, one of the RAY Attachments products series earth auger assembly is well used in digging hoes to erect poles, plant trees, install solar systems, make fences....

Why does our RAY Attachments products get more and more European' favorite.

Firstly they need us to improve the work efficiency with the few of laborers. Secondly their homeland with enchanting landscape, hills and mountains with cute log cabin need us to repair themselves and to beautify them more. European love their environment and home like as love their family and life. Which I deeply believed while I saw almost each house had attractively bright colored flowers among the windows.

Thirdly, RAY Attachments focus on the developing various excavator attachments to complete various engineering. What's more we give them best price to help their market warm up. Let their customers' homeland more tidy and cleaner, more cute and beautiful. Maximizing our clients' profit is our one of the important values.

I like Slovenia even more love RAY Attachments. Each products of RAY Attachments like my kids who can beautify the world.



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