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Why choose to use vibro hammer

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The global construction industry is now expected to thrive, which will drive the piling equipment and supplies needed for pile foundation work. In addition, according to relevant research data, continuous investment in non-traditional energy sources and increasing exploration activities to extract new new mineral deposits are expected to drive demand and revenue growth in global piling equipment and supply markets.

A pile driver is a device used to drive piles (poles) into soil to provide foundation support for buildings or other structures. It is mainly used for excavators. The excavator pile driver is mainly used for piling. Now, lets know more about information for this machine.

Part One, why we choose pile hammer?

1. Save time & Efficiency: To compared with traditional pile hammer, it’s more quicker. For example, same depth 30m pile, traditional pile drivers need 1 hour, vibration hammer just need around 10 minutes depends on the same soil condition.

2. Less noise & Protect the environment: It can be used in close proximity to residential areas without noise complaints.

3. Widely application: It can be also used underwater and the pile driver install piling to hold back earth during excavations, set up the foundation of skyscrapers and bridges, or build docks and wharf. Because of the wide range of work performed in this field, different types of piles can be worked through different clamps, such as round piles, concrete piles, steel sheet piles, square piles;


Part Two, how about the working principle of the pile hammer?

Vibratory pile hammers contain a system of counter-rotating eccentric weights, powered by hydraulic motors, and designed so that horizontal vibrations cancel out, while vertical vibrations are transmitted into the pile. The pile driving machine positioned over the pile with an excavator or crane, and is fastened to the pile by a clamp /or bolts. Vibratory hammers can drive or extract a pile.

working principle

Part Three, how to choose a suitable pile hammer?

First of all, we provide 3 models for the pile hammer, RVH-08(20-24T), RVH-10(24-32T), RVH-14(30-40T).

And we need to know some detailed information for choosing: (1) the excavator model; (2) the pile depth; (3) the size for the pile(such as the shape, the diameter or thickness), then we can choose a suitable model and send quotation for customer.

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