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Win-Win Cooperation

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    The 25th APEC Informal Leadership Meeting was held on November 11 in Da Nang, Vietnam. 

Xi Jinping made an important speech, Who is the President of the People's Republic of China.

    Vietnam was hit by Typhoon Damrey a few days ago, resulting in heavy casualties and economic losses. Let's express our deep sympathy to those affected by the typhoon.

    The Chinese people believe that three years is a good time to take stock of what one has achieved. In the past three years, the world economy has gradually rebounded, showing strong momentum of recovery since the outbreak of the international financial crisis. People in all sectors are gaining more confidence.

    Those who recognize the trend are wise and those who ride the trend will win. We need to take note of the profound changes taking place in the world economy. We can usher in a new round of development and prosperity for the world.

    Innovation has proven to be essential to the emergence of new drivers for the Chinese economy in recent years. Thirty years ago, China's first email was sent from Beijing. Today, China has 750 million Internet users, our on-line retail sales are growing by 30 percent a year, our "sharing economy" has reached 3.5 trillion yuan in size, and China's mobile payment transactions have exceeded 158 trillion yuan. This example shows that as long as we keep exploring, we will see more opportunities and successes of innovation-driven development. We all convinced that a China that enjoys stronger growth and interacts more with the world. 

    Raymond Group will surely make greater contributions to the win-win in the world. Our products will be in every corner of the world. (Main products including: Hydraulic Breaker, Earth Auger, Quick Coupler, Hydraulic Grapple, Vibro Ripper, Pile Breaker and Eagle Shear)

Some pictures with our products for our Vietnamese clients:

Hydraulic Breaker Side Type.jpg

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