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Made in China, you deserve it

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Made in China, you deserve it

In 2017, China's economy is growing strongly, shifted from rapid growth to high-quality development and usher in a new round of golden opportunities!

Reasonable use of the auger drive is a concern of engineers from all over the world.

Continuing the upward trend of 2016, the whole construction machinery industry has enjoyed a full recovery since the beginning of last year.

In 2017, the overall construction machinery industry in China steadied in good stead and the major products showed substantial growth. From January to November, excavator auger drive cumulative sales reached 126298 units, an increase of up to 99%, doubling for several months in a row, far exceeding the industry's expectation. In December, sales of various types of mining machinery 14005 units, an increase of 102.6%. This round of growth, after more than five years of internal adjustment and resource integration, has promoted the sound development of the industry itself.

In addition to sales, construction machinery prices also seem to usher in a turning point. As a star product in the field of construction machinery, the excavator auger drive market has not risen for many years. Reduce inventory, price promotions is the manufacturer and agents are accustomed to practice, but this situation will be change.

This station from the construction materials, equipment and personnel to build, all borne by China. Take a fully assembled construction, just as build Lego bricks, which all the construction site construction, equipment installation has high requirements.

In recent years, with the successful development of XCMG in Brazil, Xugong crane products with local characteristics have been fully recognized by the Brazilian market due to their excellent stability and cold resistance. All four cranes in the Antarctic Station construction Selection of XCMG brand.

In 2017, the export of construction machinery products has been growing rapidly. January-October construction machinery exports 16.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 17.6%. In line with the principle of "building and sharing", in 2017, with the aid of the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, China's construction machinery enterprises will carry out various project cooperation with the countries along the routes, including the construction of highways, railways, bridges and ports; and the interconnection of energy infrastructure Project; the same time, overseas investment and build factories has also become an important measure to speed up overseas localization market promotion.

Chinas New Era was a new and confident China striding forward into a world that it itself would play a large part in shaping. China was now moving on to the next stage in its development in which it would play a more central role. It entering into the New Era proves the validity and rationality of its development path, showing its confidence in its path, theories, institutions and culture.

For your excavator bucket, Raymond provide excavator attachments for auger drive , Hydraulic Breaker, Vibro Ripper, Quick Coupler and so on. Made in China, you deserve it!

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We are a professional manufacturer of excavator attachments like earth auger, quick coupler, hydraulic breaker, hydraulic demolition grapple and so on.




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