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E Series Excavator Vibro Ripper for 36-100 T

Excavator Ripper For 36~100 T Excavator
Equipped with double motor, More powerful
  • RVR-E5, RVR-E6


Vibro Ripper E type.jpg

Vibro ripper E01

Vibro Ripper 02

It’s a new generation attachment recently developed and manufactured to effectively excavator, crush and destroy the soft rock mass such as rocks weathered by wind and water, hard soil, slate, quartz, concrete and Asphalt.

Vibro ripper makes light work of ripping the soil to make excavation productive and easier. Practically no modification is required to switch from working on land to water. Also, inexpensive easily replaceable wear tool is provided for economical operation, this can be changed according to the strata to be ripped.

vibro ripper.jpg

vibro ripper.jpg

1. Enhance 3-5 times higher output (compare with regular breaker equipment)

2. Reduce synthesize fuel consumption

3. Reduce unit output emission load

4. Work under water and subsurface without refit (10-15m)

5. Minimum damage to excavator's bumps and arms (protect excavator)

6. Enhance comfort level during operate

7. Minimum operating noise (working noise is only 50-75 db)

8. Lower maintain

9. Lower vulnerable part cost

10.Enhance parts and full equipment working life

How to choose suitable model ?

Make sure the weight of excavator?

Type RVR-E5 RVR-E6
Excavator(T) 38-45 50-65
Working flow(L/min) 295-324 410-440
Working Pressure(MPa) 25-28 25-28
Size Length  3400mm 3685mm
Width   1207mm 1246mm
Height  1780mm 1815mm
Weight(Kg) 5500 6200
Hose size(G) 11/4′ 11/4
Impact power(KN) 450 691
Motor Model ( CC) 90*2 108*2
Power (KW) 140-180 180-200

Make sure of the material of the stone.

Mohs’ hardness reference table & Rock type

5-6 hardness level standard mineral: Apatite, Syenite,Moderately differentiated 

or Weakly weathered Sandstone,shale,limestone


7-8 hardness level standard mineral:  Quartz, Topaz.Fully weathered or Weakly weathere-d,granite,syenite,basalt,quartzite,conglomerate,sandstone,limestone

If you are not sure the material you can take photos and send to us. We will help you to find the most suitable model



Extra spare parts for free

1.  Teeth Assembly: 1 pieces

2. Air spring: 1 pieces  ,

3. Damping device: 1 piece

4. Common tools: a few of pieces

5. Thermometer: 1 piece


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