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Excavator Quick Coupler/ Quick Hitch/ Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Good quality Quick Hitch for 6-10 T Excavator
  • RHQ-04

quick coupler head.jpg

RAY quick coupler is used on the excavators to change every accessory(such as bucket,breaker,shear.etc)

more easily and quickly,which has enlarged the use scope of the excavators and save a lot of time.

We can design and produce quick coupler for various brands of excavators according to custormers' requipment.

              ray quick coupler.jpg

1.Convenient and Efficient:

   RAY quick coupler can be used on excavator to exchange accessories (such as breaker, ripper, compactor,           grapple, shear, etc)

   easily and quickly, enlarging the use scope of excavator. Installing one quick hitch to

   the excavator takes only 1 minute, enhancing the working efficiency of excavator.

2.Double Safety System

   Check valve Protection System: each cylinder installed safety check valve ensures that quick hitch coupler

   can work when the circuit and oil circuit is cut off.

   Safety Pin Protection System: security protection is customized for each excavator according to the different

   measurement. In the case of the failure of cylinder, quick hitch can work regularly. 

3.One Body Design

   Increasing durability 10 times more than the couplers with welded parts

ray attachments quick coupler details.jpg


Item Unit RHQ-04
Carrier Weight T 6~10
C-to-C Distance(L1) mm 290~360
Arm Width(W1) mm 180~200
Equiping Distance(L2) mm 340~450
Pin Diameter mm 50
Weight kg 110
Working Pressure kgf/cm2 40~380
Oil Flow l/m 10~20

Suit For Following Excavators

Excavator Brand Model
Cat Excavator 307,308CCR/B/BSR
HITACHI EX60/70-5/80U/75/90/100, AX60/90, ZX75US,
HIH IS65, IS75, 75F
KOBELCO SK75/60/95/60SR/70SR, SK80MSR
KOMATSU PC60/75/80

Packing details:

quick packing.jpg

ray quick coupler stock list.jpg

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