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Hydraulic scrap steel sheet cutting shear for excavator used

Eagle Shear For Cutting Steel
  • SH Eagle shear



eagle shear.jpg

The scrap shear( SH EAGLE Shear)can be used in all industrial demolition sites for the cutting and recovery of ferrous materials such as iron  sections, pipes, tanks, railway carriages etc. that later may be easily recycled. All Eagle Shears blades can be changed quickly and easily, minimizing machinery downtime,optimzing productivity.The Eagle Shear range are fitted with power valves to increase productivity greatly.Its range is manufactured from the highest grade steels,ensuring the maximum tool strength with the best possible wear resistance.

eagle shear.jpg

eagle shear.jpg

1.New Pearcing Tip:Bolted blades on piecrcing tip for fast Replacement.Eliminates time consuming rebuilding of the tip.

2.Double Guide:Twin guide for the movable jaw,ensures perfect alignment.

3.Frontal Blade:The front blade ensure accurate shearing with the tip and can be turned.

4.New Jaw design:New fixed jaw design increase cutting capacity,material is eased to fall away easily.

5.All New Blades:All the blades have been redesigned in a rhomboid shape to reduce stress on the jaw.Each blade can be turned effectively 3 times.The new blade are threaded for easier removal and installation.

6. Central Pin Adjustment Kit: Mantovanibenne have a unique central pivot pin layout. This allows for regular adjustment of the pin to ensure perfect shearing. While fully protected the pin can be removed for maintenance of all related parts.

7. Special Speed Valve: Reduced cycle times Regenerating power when required.Protection for the shear eliminating pressure peaks.

8. Rotating Group with Anticavitation Valve:360° continuous rotation. Always the best positioning of the shear.

9. All New Cylinders: Increased cylinder size for 20% more power. Forged cylinder rod for a better functionality and security . Reversed cylinder installation for full rod protection.

Tip 1: Makesure of the weight of excavator, the oil flow and the working pressure of your excavator.

Model SH130R SH180R SH310R SH410R
Jaw opening (A) mm  375 445 565 670
Jaw depth(B) mm  395 525 630 720
Length(C) mm 2100 2700 3300 3700
Excavator Weight with bucket place t 13-17 18-27 28-39 39-50
Excavator Weight with stick place t 8-12 14-18 20-28 28-39
Tool Weight kg 1220 2100 3300 4700
Hydraulic working pressure bar 250-300 320-350 320-350 320-350
Oil flow  l/min 90-110 150-200 200-250 250-300
Max hydraulic motor oil pressure bar 90-100 90-100 100-115 100-115
max motor oil flow l/min 30-40 30-40 30-40 30-40

Tip 2: Make sure of the diameter and the cutting table of the object

eagle shear.png

Model SH130R SH180R SH310R SH410R
mm mm mm mm
Jaw openning A 375 445 565 670
Jaw depth B 395 525 630 720
Length C 2100 2700 3300 3700
Force at upper tips F1 55 75 110 151
Cutting force F2 
(main blade centre)
138 198 286 413
Force at pin F3 472 770 1031 1372


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