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Hydraulic shear attachment SH180R

RAY hydraulic eagle shear use in demolition of steel struture, processing steel in scrap applition and others. SH180R is used for 18-27T.
  • SH 180R

  • RAY Attachments




Our eagle shear is manufactured from the highest grade steels, ensure the maximum tool strength, with the best possible wear resistance.

There are many customers satisfied with our hydraulic eagle shear for scrap steel. But they will also retreat as the high cost. The truth is the cost performance is high. We thought you are mainly worried the quality and the operation performance for the shear. Below are the points which can give your your confidence to own it.

Hydraulic shear attachment SH180R Structure

hydraulic eagle shear structurehydraulic eagle shear bladehydraulic eagle shear valvehydraulic eagle shear pin

1. All New Cylinders

1.1  Increased cylinder size for 20% more power.

1.2  Using Hengli hydraulic brand, Well-known manufacturer.

1.3  Forged cylinder rod for a better functionality and security.

2. All New Blades

2.1  The blades imported from Germany.

2.2  The front blade ensure accurate shearing with tip and can be turned.

2.3  The blades can be used repeatedly (rectangular, diamond).

2.4  The blades have been redesigned in a rhomboid shape to reduce stress on the jaws.

3. Pin Adjustment Kit

3.1  This allows for regular adjustment of the pin to ensure perfect shearing.

3.2  While fully protected the pin can be removed for maintenance of all related parts.

4. New Piercing Tip

4.1  Bolted blades on piercing tip for fast replacement.

4.2  Eliminated time consuming rebuilding of the tip.

5. Special Speed Valve

5.1 Reduced cycle times.

5.2 Regenerating power when required.

5.3 Protection for the shear eliminating pressure peaks.

Excavator Hydraulic Eagle Shear Can Cut The Type Of Steel


Steel structure Rod Tube IPE HEA HEB Plate L profile Rail
unit (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
SH25 40 114x4 120x55 n.d n.d 6 100x10 n.d
SH50R 50 n.d n.d 100 n.d 8 120x10 n.d
SH130R 55 n.d 200 120 n.d 10 120x10 n.d
SH180R 60 n.d 270 140 n.d 12 120x12 n.d
SH310R 70 n.d 300 200 450 18 n.d 36
SH410R 90 n.d 450 320 n.d 20 200x24 n.d
SH550R 100 n.d 500 360 n.d 22 220x24 n.d
SH700R 120 n.d 600 400 n.d 25 240x24 n.d
SH900R 150 n.d 900 600 n.d 35 n.d n.d

Hydraulic shear attachment SH180R Specification


SH25 SH50R SH130R SH180R SH310R SH410R SH550R SH700R SH900R

(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
Jaw opening A 195 290 375 445 565 670 760 830 965
Jaw depth B 200 290 395 525 630 720 780 840 930
Length C 1350 1900 2100 2700 3300 3700 3950 4300 4600

1. Are you manufacturer?

We are factory in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, near Shanghai port.

2. Do you have warranty?

Yes. RAY excavator crusher bucket has 12 months warranty.
Warranty starts from the time you receive the machines, not include production and shipping time.
Exceed warranty, all parts are offered at cost prices.

3. Do you have after-sale service?

After order, we will start production quickly and keep updated.
After shipment, we will track the shipping and keep updated.
After you receive machines, we will instruct the usages and maintenance.
During usage, if any problems, we will offer timely and complete solutions.
We offer servicing for the whole lifetime of machines, no worry for personal use or resell.

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