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Multiple Control valve

Suitable for all excavator models,High quality Multiple Control valve
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     The advantages of our hydraulic products

     1、High precision sizes control let the spare parts have pretty wear-resisting.

     2、Some coin inner parts are adopted by special technology to have special performance.

    3、The low cost performance helps you save the cost and win the market.

    4、Supply good service 7X24 online. The guarantee period is 3months. We will supply new one if hydraulic pump             doesn’twork within 3 months.

    5、All the spare parts are produced by us and there is high matching to replace.





We are dealer of the EDDIE hydraulic products. And we supply hydraulic main pump, travel motor, swing motor and multi-control valve which are mainly applied to construction machinery and vessels. Currently our factory had 13 series and 150 types of main pump products. And five series and 30 types of travel motors and swing motors, and 4 types of multiple control valves. What’s more, we are always refreshing the new data.

Until October 2016, our factory have produced around 100,000 sets of hydraulic products totally, and the quality is improved gradually through market testing. We provide products for over 50 factories in the OEM market, and our sales network is established in Chinese domestic and overseas market.

Meanwhile, continuously recruiting the domestic and international professionals in hydraulic and machining field, to improve systematic management level and products quality. We will supply our supreme servic


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