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Quick hitch for 19~80T Excavator

Quick hitch for 19~80T Excavator
  • RHQ-08,RHQ-10,RHQ-17,RHQ-20



quick coupler head.jpg

RAY ATTACHMENTS Quick coupler/hitch is a product matched with excavator.And appears quick links with various attachments belong to the machine.

It greatly improves the progress of the project, saves time of changing attachments, improves the operator's 

safety coefficient. RAY quick coupler/hitch may connects with various brands, different tonnage of excavators. 

It's produced by imported electromagnetic valve and homemade oil cylinder to ensure the product quality and service life. And we also provide the complete installation parts.

Detail images:

quick hitch.png

1.One Body Design

   Increasing durability 10 times more than the couplers with welded parts  


   One coupler for multiple brands of equipment with the same excavator weight class. 

3.Full Automatic Safety System

   A switch in the cab enables you to have the safety pin in its “lock” or “release position effortlessly. 

   A revolutionary technology to turn off and off the safety pin.

Spare Parts:

quick coupler spare parts.jpg

Carrier WeightT2025-3035-4050~80
C-to-C Distance(L1)mm460~480473~540550~620630~760
Arm Width(W1)mm306~340375~411416~469472~560
Equiping Distance(L2)mm256~390413~590520~590570~780
Pin Diametermm70~8080~9090~120125~150
Working Pressurekgf/cm240~38040~38040~38040~380
Oil Flowl/m10~2010~2010~20


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