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REA2000 model earth auger

Suitable Excavator Weight: 1-2.5 T.
  • REA2000



Why choose RAY earth auger? 

It is obviously that earth auger is more efficient than manual work.

Besides, using our product is safer than manual work. 

The hole which dig by the earth auger is more beautiful than man did.


RAY Earth Auger can be mounted to all common hydraulic excavators as well as mini excavator  and other carrier like skid steer loader and backhoe loader.

Auger drive can be applied for ground release drilling, ground investigation, soldier pile installation, displacement augering, injection and soil improvement for foundations.

apply to.jpg

Main parts for Earth Auger: Pin Hitch, Auger Drive, Auger Drill and Hoses.


Pin Hitch: Connecting excavator arm to auger drive

Single Pin Hitch Double Pin Hitch Double Pin Crandle Hitch

1.Convenient connection 

2.Cheaper price 

3.To be used for Mini excavator and mini Auger drive

1.Stable performance

2.Carrying a heavy weight

1.Prevent the auger drill from swinging

2.Stable performance

3.Carrying a heavy weight

photobank (5).png

Earth Auger can be divided into four parts
1.Pin Hitch Connecting excavator arm to auger drive.
2.Oil Hose Connecting excavator hoses to auger drive oil connection.
3. Auger Drive The main part of earth auger,providing power.
4. Auger  The part for digging earth.

Auger Drive:

The main part of earth auger,providing power.

photobank (20).jpg

18 Month After-sales service for Aauger Drive

1. Hose&Couplers Option: All earth auger drills come standard with high quality hose and couplers.

2. Eaton Motor: Developing the most reliable attachments .

3. ERICYLIC Gearbox: Unique planetary gearbox.Multiplied output torque.Extreme efficiency

4. NON-dislodgement Shaft: Assembled top down locked into earth drill house.Never fall out.Provided a safer environment.


Model Unit REA2000
Adaptive Weight T 1~2.5
Max Torque N.m 1871
Operating Pressure Bar 205
Operation Flow l/min 25~53
Rotating Speed rpm 40~92
Tubing Inch 1/2
Output Shaft mm R65
Unit Weight kg 50
Unit Height mm 595
Unit Diameter mm 200
Drill Rod Model mm S4
Drill Pipe Length mm 1200
Drill Pipe Diameter mm 100~400

The suiatble model for excavator:

Excavator Brand
301.5, 301.8, 302.5, MM30
S015, S018, S030
R15, R16-7
KX41/61/91/101, K-022, KH90, U35
VIO15/18/20/27/30/35, B27/37
YC18-2, YC15, YC35-7
T15S, T25S

Auger Drill:

Recommend S4 Drill for REA2000-4500

The output shaft is 65mm round

Length: 1.2m     Drilling Dia.: 100-900mm


Teeth and Pilot

    tungsten teeth.jpg              rock teeth.jpg

Tungsten Type:
1. It fit to clay, snady land or a little gravel.Digging the soil land very easily.
2.Teeth Locking system:Keep the teeth never fall down.(Patent Number:201520425163.4)

Rock Type:

1.It fit to rock, pitch or a lot of gravel land.Harder than tungsten type.

2.Raymond Auger suit for Clay, Sand, Soil Land, Decomposed rock Type,Gravel Type, Asphalt and so on.

3.Contact us to know more about the parameter.

1.Q:In which condition, auger will craze?

A:Wrong operation will lead auger crazing. Auger should be vertical to the earth when operation. Big type auger drive has reinforcement measure to protect auger.

2.Q:Will the screw blade drop out?

A:No, we haven’t met this condition so far.

3.Q:What’s the gear box used for in the auger drive?

A:The planetary gear is used for transmission. Gear box is used for slowing down the speed of motor.

4.Q:In which condition, earth auger can work most efficient?

A:Efficiency depends on rotate speed. Rotate speed depends on oil flow. Oil flow depends on the excavator pump.

5.Q:In common earth condition, how many holes can be dig in 1 min?

A:Different earth condition has different answer. It depends on the oil flow and pressure, whether the earth loose. For example, it takes 30s to dig a dia 300, depth 1.5m hole in loose earth.

6.Q:How long should change the auger teeth?

A:It depends on the earth condition and working time. According to customers’ feedback, it would be 6 months in loose earth and 1-3 moths in soil with small stones.

7.Q:What’s the space between two screw blade?

A:It depends on the auger type and the outer diameter.

8.Q:What’s the material of screw blade?

A:Q345 alloy steel.

9.Q:Why the output shaft of REA2000-4500 is round, and REA5000-25000 is square?

A:Large type of auger drive has bigger torque. Square output shaft can increase the friction and hard to slide.

10.Q:In which condition, the auger drive won’s work.

A:The hose was not connected correctly. The excavator problem. The motor problem.

11.Q:How about the warranty?

A:We provide 18 month warranty for our auger drive.(Under the correct operation)

12.Q:How many teeth does S4,S5,S6 auger have?  According to diameter of the auger?

A:Yes, according to the auger’s diameter.

13.Q:Why don’t fully weld between screw blade and auger?

A:Because fully weld will make the auger deformation.

14.Q:Will the teeth holder be deformed.

A:It will be worn but won’t be deformed.

15.Q:What’s the material of the teeth and what’s the technology?

A:The material is tungsten and the technology is forged. 

16.Q:How many oil seal does a auger drive have. How long should change the oil seal?

A:4 oil seal. It don’t need to change in general.

17.Q:Oil seal must be changed by manufacture? Or customers can change it by themselves?

A:All the oil seal are normal. You can change it by yourself.

18.Q:Why do the auger drive leak oil?

A:There may be some problems of oil seal.

19.Q:What kind of machine can auger drive be installed?

A:Excavator, crane and skip steer loader.

20.Q:What’s the material of the pin hitch?


21.Q:Why the thickness of screw blade is different? What’s the thickness of central pole? Why the thickness of central pole is different?

A:Because of different type, big torque will make the auger broker.

The thickness of central pole: S4 6mm, S5 8mm, S6 12mm.

22.Q:Why don’t make auger longer, a 2-3m long?

A:We can do this, but it may not be lift up.

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