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Ray Attachments single type excavator vibro ripper

Suitable for 20-45T excavator,
  • RVR-30 ~ RVR-60



Vibro ripper x900.jpg

x ripper.jpg

Vibro ripper is a new generation attachment recently developed and manufactured to effctively excavate, crush and destroy the soft rock mass such as rocks weathered by wind and water, hard soil, slate, quartz, concrete and asphalt.

It makes broken stone more easier and more efficiency.


·Mass demolition, civil construction

·Open pit minig area, tunneling

·Downtown construction site

·Noise restriction area

·Cracked rock and layered rock

RIPPER 02 05-950.jpg

Compared with hydraulic breaker

vibro ripper compared with hydraulic breaker.png

·Productivity can reach up to 3-5 times as equivalent to breaker less than 6 level hardness.

·Low noise Level(Approx.30dBA lower than equivalent breaker)

·Underwater works(10-15m)

·All units are tested before be delivered to the customer

·Lower maintanance cost


How to choose suitable model?

Make sure your excavator weight:

Type Unit RVR-30 RVR-40 RVR-50 RVR-60
Excavator T 22-26 28-30 30-33 36-45
Working flow L/min 160-200 190-220 225-250 288-295
Working pressure MPa 25 25 25 25-26
Size Length mm 2700 2700 2800 3100
Width mm 1200 1200 1250 1250
Height mm 1500 1500 1550 1650
Weight Kg 3600 3800 4300 5000
Hose size Inch 1 1 1 11/4
Impact power KN 286 300 370 430
Motor model  CC 90 108 125 160

Make sure hardness of stone:

Model Mohs’ hardness reference table & Rock type
RVR50-60 5-6 hardness level standard mineral: Apatite, Syenite
Strongly weathered Granite and syenite,Fully weathered Granite, syenite, basalt, quartzite, limestone
Soft rock(Shale and Red sandstone)
RVR30-40 3-4 hardness level standard mineral: Red sand rock, Fluorite
Fully weathered granite,syenite,Soft rock(Shale and Red sandstone)

vibro ripper working site

RVR-30 with Komatsu220: the daily quality for red sand rock is 800-1000CBM. It’s 2-3 times than 140 breaker.

RVR-50 with Hitachi350: the daily quality for Sandstone is about 1200CBM. It’s 2 times than 140 breaker.

RVR-60 with Komatsu450: the daily quality for red sand rock is about 1500CBM. It’s 2-3 times than 155 breaker.

RVR-60 with Sany460: the daily quality for Limestone is about 2300CBM. It’s 3 times than 165 breaker.

RVR-60 with Komatsu470: the daily quality for sandstone or limestone is 3000-3800CBM. It’s same with blast.

If you cann't sure hardness, please send photos and we will recommend suitable model.

structure of vibro ripper.png

Why choose Ray vibro ripper?

1.We  are  navigator  of  Chinese  Vibro  Ripper  and we have professional technology team, produce team and Sales team.Our vibro ripper has won two national invention patents and a number of utility model patents, is protected by China Intellectual property. 

2.Special  external strcture:

air spring.png 

    We use air spring on top of  Vibro Ripper, some brand use side rubber design.

       Air Spring: Top design rubbers with more poweful vibration

Cushion Elastomer.png


     Cushion Elastomer:Avoid vibration box touch ripper's shell 

      body directly when air spring don't have enough gas in it.


vibro ripper accessories.png

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