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Small Used Rock Crusher For Sale, Mini Crusher For Stone, Mini Concrete Crusher

Hydraulic Rotation Pulverizer for 10-60 T excavator
  • RHP Rotation Pulverizer



The Rotating Pulverizer RP-IT is an ideal equipment for many types of work: it is indicated for both the primary demolition and for the subsequent work of reduction and fragmentation of the material previously crushed, in order to facilitate the disposal and recycling.

The RP-IT Crusher is equipped with a completely interchangeable mouth, making easy to keep the equipment in constant and steady state of efficiency.

The crusher mobile jaw plates can be replaced quickly and easily, with the result of having a complete new mobile jaw.

hydraulic pulverizer.jpg

hydraulic pulverizer.jpg

1.A cylinder with great power and high speed: The high performance of the RP-IT pulverizer is guaranteed by the presence of a speed valve.This allows an increase in the number of opening and closing cycles of the pulverizer and

for the hydraulic circuit of the excavator to be preserved.

2.Excellent release of demolished material: The specific openings of the fixed body make the unloading of demolished material easier while maintaining the performance and productivity of the attachment.

3.Interchangeable parts: The design of the mouth of the new RP-IT pulverizer has been studied to increase the 

productivity of the attachment. By replacing the interchangeable worn parts it is possible to restore the original profile of the mouth to recover the original performance of the attachment

4.Mobile jaw plate: This plate can be supplied with two top teeth to ensure greaterproduction in secondary demolition operations

5.Blades: On each model there are blades for rebars cutting. These parts can be turned to different sides to recover the correct profile of the cutter.

Item Unit RP16  RP18  RP25
Excavator weight [t] 16-23  18-26  26-32 
Tool weight [kg] 1720 2000 2750
Cyline force [t] 100 145 158
Force at upper  tips F1 (front teeth) [t] 55 71 83
Force in the  middle F2 (middle  of blade) [t] 85 112 129
Cutting force  F3 [t] 207 230 271
Hydraulic working  pressure [bar] 300-350  300-350  300-350 
Oil flow [l/min] 180-200  180-200  200-220 

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