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Vibro Ripper for Excavator

Excavator Ripper For 22~150 T Excavator
Equipped with double motor and four eccentric block
  • RVR-D6, RVR-D8, RVR-D10







It’s a new generation attachment recently developed and manufactured to effectively excavator, crush and destroy 

the soft rock mass such as rocks weathered by wind and water, hard soil, slate, quartz, concrete and Asphalt.

Vibro ripper makes light work of ripping the soil to make excavation productive and easier. Practically no modifica-

tion is required to switch from working on land to water. Also, inexpensive easily replaceable wear tool is provided 

for economical operation, this can be changed according to the strata to be ripped.


vibro ripper.jpg

1. Enhance 3-5 times higher output (compare with regular breaker equipment)

2. Reduce synthesize fuel consumption

3. Reduce unit output emission load

4. Work under water and subsurface without refit (10-15m)

5. Minimum damage to excavator's bumps and arms (protect excavator)

6. Enhance comfort level during operate

7. Minimum operating noise (working noise is only 50-75 db)

8. Lower maintain

9. Lower vulnerable part cost

10.Enhance parts and full equipment working life

How to choose suitable model?

1.make sure the weight of excavator:

Model RVR-30 RVR-40 RVR-50 RVR-60 RVR-E5 RVR-D6 RVR-D8 RVR-D10
Power(KW) 68 79 95 120 140-180 160-200 190-230 210-240
Motor (CC) 90 108 125 160 90*2 90*2 108*2 130*2
Impact force(KN) 286 300 370 430 450 468 599 736
Size Length 2700mm 2700mm 2800mm 3100mm 3400mm 4500mm 4800mm 4850mm
Width 1200mm 1200mm 1250mm 1250mm 1207mm 1300mm 1300mm 1400mm
Height 1500mm 1500mm 1550mm 1650mm 1780mm 1650mm 1850mm 1850mm
Wroking flow(L/min) 160-200 190-220 225-250 288-295 324-295 360-400 420-460 450-500
Working power(Mpa) 25 25 25 25-26 25-26 25-28 25-28 25-28
Weight(Kg) 3600 3800 4300 5000 5500 6500 7600 9200
Excavator(T) 22-26 28-30 30-33 36-45 38-45 50-65 70-90 100-190

Make sure the hardness of Rock:

                   Model                     Mohs’ hardness reference table & rock type
RVR-D6,RVR-D8, RVR-D10 9-10 hardness level standard mineral: Marble, Adamas  Weakly weathered Sandstone,conglomerate,limestone,shale,Limestone,Dolomite
Moderately differentiated or Weakly weathered Sandstone,conglomerate,limesto-ne,shale,Limestone,Dolomite

If you are not sure the material you can take photos and send to us. We will help you to find the most suitable model.


Extra spare parts for free

1. Teeth assembly: 1 piece

2. Air spring: 1 pieces 

3. Damping device: 1 piece

4. Common tools: a few of pieces

5. Thermometer: 1 piece

one set ripper.jpg

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