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sany excavator quick couplers

Good Quality Quick Hitch For 1~2 T Excavator earth auger
  • RQH01D

RAYATTACHMENTS Multi Quick Coupler is suitable for the excavator rapid installation, switching various attachments (bucket, ripper, hydraulic breaker, hydraulic shear, etc.). It can enlarge the scope of use of the excavator, and can save time and improve efficiency. They are designed and manufactured with our customers needs in mind and are safe, versatile and easy to use. Our quality products will reduce costly downtime and give you greater power and productivity.

RAY multi coupler has mechanical locks on both the front and rear attachments pins to ensure that they remain securely attached in the event of loss of hydraulic pressure or the operator accidently knocking the switch inside the cab. This means a secondary mechanical backup system is in place that is completely independent of the hydraulic circuit. Our couplers also have hydraulic check valves in the solenoid and cylinder as standard

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1.Lifting Eye Large lifting eye, with SWL certification to individual weights

2.Single Cylinder Design – totally enclosed piston rod,no external pipes, eliminating the risk of damage.

3.Front Pin Lock Featuring a full lock on the front pin, this lock ensures full security on first contact. As soon as the coupler comes in contact with the front pin, it automatically locks on eliminating the pick-and-place of attachments

Rear Pin Lock This lock eliminates any danger of the ram releasing and dropping the attachment, therefore ensuring both front and rear pins are continuously locked into place. This font jaw has a large amount of movement allowing for large pin centre pickup range

RAY Multi Quick Coupler RQH01D(a) Specification

RAY Multi Coupler Specification
Model Unit RQH01D
Carrier T 1~2
Pin diameter
mm 30
C-to-C distance
Arm width 
(A&B )
Oil  pressure Bar 40~248
Oil flow L/min 10~20
Hose  Inch  1/4
lifting eye  T 1

Suit For Following Excavators

Excavator Brand Model
CATPERRILAR (CAT) 301.5, 301.8, 302.5, MM30
Doosan S015, S018, S030
KOMATSU PC18MR/20/25/28/30/35
HITACHI EX15/12/15/18/20/22/25/27u/30UR/35/40
HYUNDAI R15, R16-7
KOBELCO SK007/09SR/SK13SR/15SR/015/20SR-1/25SR/30SR
Kubota KX41/61/91/101, K-022, KH90, U35
Takeuchi TB014/016/15/650/125/25FR/20/25/30
Yanmar VIO15/18/20/27/30/35, B27/37
Yuchai YC18-2, YC15, YC35-7
Thomas T15S, T25S

Packing Details:


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