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25-32 Ton Excavator Mounted SV-200 Side Hydraulic Piling Hammers

Introducing our excavator attachment - the side clamp! This powerful tool allows for easy and efficient handling of materials on site. Its compact design and durable construction make it a reliable choice for any job. Try our side clamp today and experience the difference it can make in your excavation projects.
  • SV-200

  • RAY Attachments



SV-200 Side Grip Vibro Hammer Application

Side Grip Vibro Hammer Application

Can be applied for a wide range of working environments because of their small size and simple operation procedure, such as drainage maintenance, river-bank maintenance, and marshland working wherever onshore and offshore piling jobs.

SV-200 Side Grip Vibro Hammer Specification

Model Unit SV-150 SV-200 SV-300 SV-400
Eccentric Moment kgm 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5
Centrifugal Force kn 405 495 585 675
Frequency rpm 2400-3000 2400-3000 2400-3000 2400-3000
Side Clamp Force kn 468 764 912 1116
Bottom Clamp Force Kn 540 540 650 650
Operation Pressure Mpa 35 35 35 35
Operation Flow I/min 130-180 170-230 220-280 280-360
Rotate/Tilt Degree ° 360/±30 360/±30 360/±30 360/±30
Max Pile Length(soft soil) m 15 18 18 18
Max Pile Length(common soil) m 12 12 15 18
Size(LxWxH) mm 1241*1222*2239 1320*1450*2550 1350*1490*2650 1350*1490*2650
Minimum Excavator engine power kw 118 147 180 212
Weight(Include Connector and Clamp) kg 2322 2600 3200 3500
Applicable Excavator ton 15-25 25-32 32-40 40-50
Applicable steel pipe dia scope mm 180-630

 SV-200 Side Grip Vibro Hammer Advantages 

Side Vibro Hammer Advantages

1. Elastomer: Imported and customized, ensures its service life.

2. Gearbox: High precision gearbox ensures long-term and stable operation.

3. Main Clamp: The clamp is made of a solid block, with a solid structure and small size.

4. Rototilt: Smart Rototilt with tilt function, easy for picking up and setting the piles.

5. Side grip: Easily changeable jaws, depending on the working condition.

6. Jaws: CNC one-time forming, vacuum heat treatment, high-temperature quenching and hardening, excellent material, strong and wear-resistant.

RAY Side Grip Vibro Hammer
RAY Side Grip Vibro Hammer-1

 SV-200 Side Grip Vibro Hammer Package 


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