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Quick Hitch

  • The difference between hydraulic quick coupler and multi quick coupler

    Have you using the quick coupler for your projects before?Ray Attachments quick coupler is used in hydraulic excavators to allow the rapid change of buckets and other attachments at ease. You just using only one Quick Hitch to connect the excavator with all attachments which you want!You may need a

  • How much do you know of Multi Quick Coupler?

    How much do you know of Multi Quick Coupler?Some clients said the Multi-Quick Coupler is not really safe. Because the rear lock can’t catch the rear pin of attachments seamlessly. Is it true? No, it is not real thing. What’s the truth?

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of quick hitch

    1.Fault condition:Safety pin does not worked.(The quick hitch would not disengage)CheckCause and maintenance methodsCheck the hose which connected to battery if it is cut or disconnected.Recheck the line “+” and “-”, and reconnect.Check the connection switch fuse Change a fuse.Check if the connector

  • How to install the quick connector

    1、Main body installation Put excavator and quick connector at relatively flat,and make the fixed jaw of quick hitch and the forearm of excavator alignment is easy to install(as below picture) Operating excavator, Align excavator forearm shaft hole and the shaft hole of quick connector,th

  • How to change attachments quickly

    For a long time, the engineering machinery construction users are trying to improve the efficiency of the equipment construction, save construction time and fuel consumption, improve the return on investment returns. However, in addition we are in the pursuit of excellence brand, high performance pr

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