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Construction machinery digger parts bobcat excavator bucket width 1800MM

Excavator Bucket

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Standard Bucket:Apply to light operation task, such as digging and loading hard soil or stones nixed with the soft soil.

Heavy Duty Bucket: Suitable for digging hard soil, soil mixed with soft stone, loading gravel, broken stone and so on

Rock Bucket: Suitable for digging earth with hard rock, sub-hard stone and weathered stone, it also can do heavy work, such as digging and loading solid rock, blasted ore

Skeleton Bucket: Apply to clean the watercourse. It can be used for underwater work.

Quick Change Bucket:Apply to the construction site which should be worked flexible.

Please provide the brand of your need. We will help you to find the one that you need.


Please check few questions as below.

The brand of your excavator?

The type which you want? Like the standard bucket or the rock bucket.

The arm width, pin size and the pin center to center.

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