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Concrete Jaw Stone Asphalt Concrete Crusher Bucket for 20-40T Excavator

  • RCB200
  • RAY
Products Description

Excavator Crusher Bucket

A bucket crusher or crusher bucket is a type of jaw crusher. It's an attached tool for excavators for built-in crushing construction waste and demolition materials. It has the design of a shovel, which is open at the rear for releasing the shredded material. Compared to normal jaw crushers, the jaw crusher bucket has a lower production, but can be transported more easily and only needs an excavator to operate.

Bucket crushers are primarily employed in mining and demolition for the breaking-down of crude minerals, concrete and masonry.


Working Principle

Its way of working consists on a bucket with two crushing jaws inside, one of them is fixed and the other one is driven by motor directly and moves back and forth relative to it, has a unique, aggressive figure-eight crushing motion that produces high quality cubical product, enabling the aggregate to be reused on site.


Construction Rubbish

Building Stone

Mine Stone

The crushing bucket is widely used in quarrying, mining, gravel and building materials recycling. The crushing bucket is suitable for excavators weighing more than 20 tons. The crushing bucket is compact, multi-purpose and suitable for crushing and recycling of inert materials, or due to demolition construction materials (road engineering-infrastructure-pipelines and pipelines).

Model RCB200 RCB300
Excavator ton 20-29 30-40
Weight kgs 3500 4800
Bucket capacity cbm 0.75m3 1.1m3
Size mm 2250*1300*1440 2640*2010*1840
Bucket opening size mm 1240*500 1600*500
Input size mm 500*700 500*900
Output size mm 10-200 10-200
Hydraulic motor oil pressure(MPa) 24.5 25
speed(min) 350 350
oil quantity(L/min) 260 260

Our Advantages

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5. Compared with belt type, our maintenance is more convenient. We only need to fill reserved grease ports regularly.

6. Crushing construction waste/concrete- discharge hole 4cm- one hour crushing about 40-50T.

Crushing Blue stone( hard rocks)- discharge hole 4cm- one hour crushing about 20T.

1. Imported Italy SAI motor.

2. RAY adopts the independent design, and the hydraulic motor drive directly, and make maintenance easier.

3. Mn18Cr2MoNi wear plate made the crushing plate make it a long lifetime. On average 8 hours per day, 6 months change one set crushing plate.

4. Bucket opening size is 1600*500mm, the inlet can reach 500*900mm, but the outlet can be as small as 10mm, which is as big as a fingernail.

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Wooden box or steel plate or wooden plate.

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