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RHGP-06 Excavator Steel Scrap Grab Hydraulic Scrap Grab Orange Peel Grapple for Sale

RHGP-06 can handle of stones, pipes, disposable waste, landscaping works and many others.
  • RHGP-06



 Orange Peel Grapple RHGP-06 Product Overview 

Orange Peel Grapple

Grab is a lifting appliance that depends on jaw opening and closing crawling and unloading bulk material. According to to be stacked capture material density is divided into light, medium, heavy, and super heavy. So it can handle stones, pipes, disposable waste, landscaping works, and many others.

 Orange Peel Grapple RHGP-06 Advantages 

RAY Steel Scrap Grapple-1

RAY Steel Scrap Grapple-2

RAY Orange Peel Grapple RHGP Advantages

1. Optimize the action of the oil cylinder to maximize the grabbing weight within the effective grabbing range, thereby shortening the machine running time and improving work efficiency.
2. The specially designed oil separator and flow control valve ensures the stability and synchronization of the whole hydraulic system.
3. The design of the gripper structure is optimized to realize the minimum weight and maximum gripping load at the same level.
4. The special wear-resistant steel plate welding process not only improves the wear resistance of the gripper but also ensures the overall welding quality.
5. The specially designed meshing gear improves the bearing strength of the gear, the load distribution in the process of movement, and the accuracy and stability of the transmission.

 Orange Peel Grapple RHGP-06 Specification 

Model Unit RHGP-04 RHGP-06 RHGP-08 RHGP-10
Weight kg 510 1200 1560 1800
Max jaw opening mm 1750 1780 1950 2180
Height of closed grapple mm 1440 1540 1650 1860
Rotating Pressure Bar 260 260 260 260
Operating flux lpm 20-70 60-120 60-120 60-120
Cylinder Volume Litre 400 600 800 1000
No.of Jaw Piece 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5
Suitable excavator Ton 5-11 12-18 18-25 26-35

 Orange Peel Grapple RHGP-06 Package 

RAY Orange Peel Grapple RHGP

RAY Orange Peel Grapple RHGP-1

 Orange Peel Grapple RHGP-06 Application 

Orange Peel Grapple RHGP-06 Application

Grasp the chipping, bits of wood, and steel scrap. Grabbing gravel, waste metal, industrial waste, construction garbage, daily rubbish, and grab operation under other conditions.

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