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RAY&YG15-9G Mini Excavator

  • YG15-9G
  • YG&RAY
Item Brand Item Parameter
Traveling motor SANYO Engine  power  l4.7kw/2200rpm
Swing motor SANYO Working pressure l6MPa
Multiplex valve  Husco-kayaba Flow rate 2×17.6+6.6L/min
Oil pump Triple pump Maximum excavation force 10.5KN
Cylinder Famous Domestic Brands Max. Gradeability 30°
Engine  Perkins Diesel Engine Grounding specific voltage 30Kpa

Bucket digging force 11.5KN
Max.travel speed(high/low) 2Km/h
Swing speed 10rpm

Dimension  Unit: mm Operating range Unit: mm
A: Length 3630 A:Max. Digging height 3080
B: Height 2250 B: Max. Dumping height 2010
C: Chassis width 990 C:Max. Digging depth 1880
D: Trackband Width 230 D:Max. Digging radius 3630
E: Total length of track 1460 DI: Max. Ground digging distance 3600
F: Wheelbase 1100 E: Mining radius of maximum mining height 2410
G: Counter weight turning radius 1180 F: Min. Rotation radius 1530
H: Height off the ground 235 G: Max. Digging depth of bulldozer blade 170
I: Total height 2150 H: Max. Upgrade height of bulldozer blade 150
J: Platform External Width 1020
K: Height (From seat to ground) 1320
L: Upper chassis ground clearance 510


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